Monday, January 7, 2013

Knowledge overload

Hello friends,

I have finished day 5 of yoga training. 3 more days until our first break. 

My brain is so full of new information! We have done everything from the history of yoga, to anatomy, to practice teaching.

I have learned so much in 5 days, but I know there is still so much more to come.

The first day I have a really positive out look of "I can do this". Right now, after day 5, I am starting to question my sanity about this journey, "can I do this?" "was I crazy to think I could do this?"

I am so ecstatic to be in yoga training, I am not doubting that at all! I just wonder what I was really thinking!

Mostly I am exhausted and sick. I can't wait to feel healthy again, so I can enjoy myself again.

It's currently 8:30 and it feels like 2am.

I am going to print off my assignment for tomorrow and then head to bed.

night peeps <3

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last minute homework

I am sitting here, at 9:30pm working on my homework assignment. It was assigned last week. No, I didn't forget about it. Actually I haven't stopped thinking about it. 

"What does yoga mean to you?"

What a loaded question. After thinking about it for a week, this question is so limitless. I don't think that in my whole existence I will actually ever really know the full answer to this question. But I guess the whole point of yoga is to explore and to gain knowledge and experience from one's self and the world around us.

I am really excited. I have butterflies, not nervous or anxious butterflies, but anticipation butterflies. Like when I got married. I knew it was the most exciting day of my life, but life changing, which is big. This is big. This is my life changing moment of 2013. 

Stay tuned :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Start of my adventure

Hello all,

I am 3 days away from starting my newest adventure.

I will be starting my one month Yoga Teacher training on Thursday. I am beyond excited. I have been to the library checking out small business books, checking out the logistics of starting a small business, and started researching job perspectives.

I know this will be a long uphill battle to my dream. But I know it will be totally worth it.

Please stay tuned for tidbits of my month long adventure!

<3 Ash